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10D  9N Zhangjiajie + Phoenix Ancient City +Yangtze River Three Gorges Highlights Tour (Up Stream, Departure on Wed)



VIP Coach

(Exclusive To Nam Ho)

VIP Tour Coach allows the tourists to enjoy

VIP Services for the entire trip! The air bus

consists 30 VIP Business seats, is spacious

and comfortable.

DAY01 新加坡/长沙MI956(1840/2330)




D1: Singapore/Changsha MI956(1840/2330)(NO MEAL)

5*Tims Huatian or Jiaxing Grand Hotel or similar 

Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Changsha. Upon arrival, pick up and transfer to hotel for a good night.(Free Orange Island & Huangxing Pedestrian Street take morning Flight )

B: X; L: X; D: X





D2: Changsha/ Phoenix Ancient Town (5H) 

5* Phoenix Fengtian Hotel or similar

After breakfast, drive to Phoenix Ancient Town. After lunch, visit the Phoenix Ancient Town, such as the Tuojiang River Rafting, East Gate Tower, North Gate Tower, Hongqiao house & classical flagstones paved commercial street, Wanmin Tower and so on. Tonight, Phoenix city tour and tasting local snacks (include Phoenix Ancient Town view Ticket).

B: Hotel; L: Chinese Cuisine; D: Miao Flavour


DAY03 凤凰古城/张家界(4H)



D3: Phoenix Ancient Town / Zhangjiajie (4H) 

5* Dacheng Shanshui International Hotel or similar

Transfer to Zhangjiajie after breakfast. Proceed to Tianmenshan Area after lunch, take the longest cable car – Tianmenshan Cable Car, visit the Lingxiao Platform, Ghost Valley Plank Road, God Buddha ,Glass Plank Road(Include Shoe covers), Tianmen Cave (In the event of unforeseen weather circumstances, the attraction will be closed).

B: Hotel; L: Mushroom Feast; D: Chinese Buffet


DAY04 张家界



D4: Zhangjiajie  

5* Zhangjiajie Selected Hotel or similar

After breakfast, visit Zhangjiajie Museum (Closed on Monday). Next to the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park –Jinbianxi Valley, Condor care whip,Shuiraosimen and so on. Visit the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon +Skywalk. After dinner, enjoy the Misty rain at Zhangjiajie Show.

B: Hotel; L: Korea BBQ; D: Chinese Cuisine


DAY05 张家界



D5: Zhangjiajie  

5* Zhangjiajie Selected Hotel or similar

After breakfast, depart to Mt. Tianzi (up by Bailong Elevator), visit the Helong Park , Sprinkled Fairy, the West Sea and so on. Next to Yuanjiajie Area. After lunch, visit the Natural Karst Bridge (the no.1 bridge of the world), Bewitching Terrace. Down by Bailong Elevator. Proceed to take a tram ride (two way) to explore the picturesque Ten Mile Galleria laden with mysterious scenic views and natural wonders, over look the Elder pick up Herbs and Triple Sister Peak. (VIP passageway by Bailong Elevator). Free leisure at Xibu Street after dinner.

B: in Hotel; L: Herb Flavor; D: Thai Flavor


DAY06 张家界/宜昌(6H)



D6 Zhangjiajie /Yichang(6H) 

5* No.5 Golden Cruise or similar

After breakfast, visit Yellow Dragon Cave (It is known to the world as an all-rounded among all caves which includes boat ride); Next to Junsheng Sandstone Painting Institute (Hunan’s Art Centre). Proceed to drive to Yichang after Dinner. After the cruise company handover, Will send the guests to Maoping Port boarding. Embark onto the Three Gorges cruise.

B:Hotel;L:Tujia Flavour;D:Fish Feast Flavour;



(As a result of the 2018 Cruise Company's new regulations, all passenger cruise ships [except NO.1 Yangtze River (DEPT ON Thursday)] will no longer continue to enjoy priority over the Three Gorges Dam level five lock power, all cruise need to queue over the gate, according to our Three Gorges cruise trip, we must be send the guest to Maoping port for boarding. )

DAY07 长江三峡(早/午/晚)



D7: Three Gorges 

5* No.5 Golden Cruise or similar

Today we shall be cruising through the Xiling Gorge to admire the breathtakingly 185m tall, 2309m wide, spectacular Three Gorges Dam completed in May 2006, which stunningly integrated with sluiceways and ship lifts. Enjoy Captain’s Welcome Party in the evening.

B: On cruise; L: On cruise; D: On cruise


DAY08 长江三峡(早/午/晚)



D8: Three Gorges 

5* No.5 Golden Cruise or similar

Today we shall cruise the scenic Little Three Gorges or Shen Nong Stream [depending on the cruise itinerary] with a smaller vessel. Next, set off for the winding Wu Gorge which is also referred as the Great Gorge and famous for its elegantserenity made up by remarkably towering peaks, bare rocks, mountain ranges, juxtaposed cliffs, mysterious mist as poetic as a magnificent gallery. We shall excurse the 12 peaks of the gorge and all other famous scene along the journey. After that, move on for the most spectacular gorge of the Three Gorges – Qutang Gorge.

B: On cruise; L: On cruise; D: On cruise


DAY09 长江三峡(早/午/晚)



D9:Three Gorges 

5* No.5 Golden Cruise or similar

Today we shall disembark and explore Fengdu Ghost Town which abundantly congregated with Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist mythological literary features. Reputed as the "Divine township of China ", it is located on the northern bank of Yangtze River. Whereby the prominent Mountain of Fengdu was once known as "Mt. Pingdu" is one of the 72 Taoist Holy Grounds. Enjoy Captain’s farewell Banquet in the evening.

B: On cruise; L: On cruise; D: On cruise


DAY10 重庆/新加坡MI975(1910/2355)



D10: Chongqing Singapore MI975(1910 /2355)

After breakfast, Check out the Cruise. Visit Ciqikou Old Town, Exterior Great Hall of the People (It is considered as one of China’s best buildings which is iconic in Chongqing). Next to visit the Jiefangbei Walking Street and Hongyadong Scenic Area. After dinner, transfer to the airport to catch your flight back to Singapore.

B: Hotel; L: Own expenses for Chongqing Hot pot RMB98/PP)


**** Meal and Itinenary will be amended









Nam Ho Travel Value-Added Services (Golden Cruise ONLY ):

1. Arriving in cruise, enjoy a welcome drink (restaurant, drinks are defined as fruit juices).

2. Arrange to stay in Goldenl Cruise : 3 Storey and above;

3. After boarding, Free a fruit basket Per room

4. Provides free WIFI access (limited to WIFI in public areas).

5. Give each a free movie ticket per person.

6. View the control cabin.









Yangtze River Cruise Fees (Pay on the spot):

(1)Cruise Administrative Fee: RMB150/pp;

(2)Cruise Baggage Shipping Fee: RMB20/pc;

(3)Baggage Transportation Fee: RMB30/pc

Compulsory Additional Tour (RMB550 per person):

Misty rain at Zhangjiajie + Yellow Dragon Cave + Zhangjiajie Museum

Optional Tour (RMB450 per person):

Tianmen fox Spirit show + Piying Performance

*** Hunan hotels do not offer disposable wash supplies ****

*** VIP Coach amended to Normal below 12Pax ****








(1) For any changes in flight details and itinerary, please refer to airline and local China guide for the most accurate arrangements.

(2) The company is not responsible for any compensation or replacements in the event of natural disasters, unpleasant weather conditions and political issues in the country.

(3) Tour will be conducted with Mandarin-speaking guide. If there is a need for bi-lingual tour guide, the company will try to arrange. Passengers taking different airlines can be formed into a group.